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When the Aperitif Comes by Mail – Participation in Times of the Pandemic

The corona pandemic blocked or made impossible many participatory working methods. The agency ProjektForum has tried out innovative approaches in this area in recent months. Project manager Delia Imboden talks in an interview about her experiences as well as possibilities in implementing participatory methods despite corona and protective measures.


The Pictures of the Pandemic

For a year now, countless pictures have been showing us the many facets of the pandemic day after day. Jann Jenatsch, deputy managing director of the Keystone-SDA press agency, discusses in this interview the selection criteria on which press images are based and which images of the crisis will stick in our minds.


Remember Corona

In order to prevent the historical significance of the moment from falling into oblivion, as our ancestors’ experiences during the Spanish flu had done before, various museums and academic stakeholders – especially from the field of public history – have called on the internet to collect personal memories, everyday experiences, and findings about the “Corona Crisis” and upload them to their databases.

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